Sounds Like A Game Changer

The Doctor rattles around time and space in an obsolete Type-40 TARDIS, so it shouldn’t be too long before they are realised through the pen of Kiwi cartoonist Jim.

The Auckland artist, real name Brendan Boughen, has tonight launched a $10,000 campaign on Pledge Me to publish a collection of his work entitled Sounds Like A Game Changer: A Soon to be Obsolete Collection of Technology Cartoons.

They include a couple of neat Star Wars cartoons.

Boughen, who works in public relations with Microsoft, got none other than Nano Girl herself, to write the foreword to the 128-page collection.

“Over the last 10 years, as I’ve worked day jobs managing PR communications for a wide range of technology brands, I’ve also drawn many cartoons about the technology that has impacted our world so dramatically over that time,” Boughen said.

“Computers, software, hardware, tablets, phablets, smartphones, game consoles, websites, social media, the Internet, fibre-networks, robotics, big data, servers, the cloud, ‘green’ tech, apps, memes, BYOD, data security, space travel, time-travel, innovation, collaboration, prognostication … If it’s anything to do with technology, I’ve probably cartooned about it!”

“Anyway, I decided it was high time I collected those cartoons into a single volume, alongside some written thoughts on my experiences in communicating about technology as it’s evolved over this last crazy, game-changing decade. I’ve selected around 100 of my favourite technology themed cartoons . . . so now I just need to publish it.”

Boughen is offering a few value-packed supporter reward packs to encourage pledges.




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