Have a very techie Christmas

153_mainStruggling to find something for that techie in your life?

A technology inspired book of cartoons by Kiwi artist Jim, published following a PledgeMe campaign to raise $10,000, could be the answer.

It’s a dip into, anytime, sort of a book packed with the sorts of cartoons you would expect to find in a daily newspaper, but all inspired by human interaction with technology.

Innovation, devices, life online, technology at work, sustainability and the future, all get their own section of mainly single panelled cartoons. Failed, flash in the pan, technology takes its place alongside the stayers in this book which also reflects the trend of software being offered as a service as data is migrated to the cloud.

The occasional cartoon requires a second panel to drive the joke home.

There’s some instantly funny, laugh out loud, cartoons, such as the one printed on the back cover which shows a man at a computer being interrupted by a robot asking him what he’s working on. The title of the cartoon is Disruptive Technology!

Many of the cartoons are much cleverer, requiring a little or a lot more cogitation.

Nothing is off limits to Jim, who is actually at Microsoft New Zealand’s senior communications manager Brendan Boughen. Nanongirl herself, Michelle Dickinson, provides the foreword to this 132-page book. For more visit CartoonsbyJim.com


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