Review: STM Goods Kings 15 Inch Laptop Backpack

The king of laptop bags

The trusty business laptop needs to travel in safety if it’s to be relied upon in that deal clinching meeting.

One careless impact between your office and your meeting venue could turn the latest and greatest in laptop technology into the most expensive door stop you’ve ever known, and so prevent the presentation of that contract winning presentation.

Slingtech Protection has been incorporated into Australian manufacturer’s STM Goods’ laptop messenger bags and backpacks for a while now. Slingtech ensconces the laptop in a padded sling which suspends the device from the bottom and sides of the bag where it might get damaged from an impact. It’s just the sort of innovation you’d expect from a company whose mission statement is to provide stuff that matters for the doers of the world, a group they refer to as “Generation Do”.

The STM Goods Kings 15 Inch Laptop Backpack is among the latest to be released by the Sydney company with Slingtech Protection.

STM Goods Kings 15 Inch Laptop Backpack

The backpack has two main compartments.

The main compartment is reasonably spacious. As well as having a document pouch, and a small pocket fastedned by Velcro for the likes of medication or an asthma inhaler, I managed to fit a small extendable umbrella, raincoat in a pouch, large lunchbox and a banana in to it, with a little leftover space.

The zippered flap which gives you access to the main compartment opens to reveal a zippered pocket on the inside which is fleece lined for your mouse or other peripherals, STM’s website suggests sunglasses. Another zippered pocket is on the outside for business cards or other items you need quick access to.

The Slingtech solution, for laptops of up to 15 inches, is at the heart of the second compartment. The comparted also includes a couple of quilted pouches for either documents or smaller mobile devices like a tablet or smartphone.

There’s a couple of hidden compartments to the side, big enough for power cables or mobile device chargers. There’s also a series of small holes allowing you to snake your charging cable from one pocket to any compartment to ensure your mobile device is charged when you arrive.

The STM Goods Kings 22 litre laptop bag is available in botanical green, china blue, desert brown or tornado grey. Heathcotes, JB Hi-Fi, OOBE and PB Technologies are among the New Zealand stockists of STM Goods bags.


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