Out Now: Star Trek Magazine No: 68 Fall 2018

Out Now: Star Trek Magazine No: 68 Fall 2018
Star Trek Magazine #68 features the last part of Chris A Mad Man With A Blog’s Chris Gardner’s History of the Future.

Future History

The Klingon Empire: These Prime Universe Klingons can teach us Terrans nothing!

War and Peace

Star Trek Magazine’s epic, multi-part future history of the Klingon Empire, by A Mad Man With A Blog’s Chris Gardner concludes, as peace breaks out between the Empire and the United Federation of Planets, and the two galactic powers combine forces to take out the might of the Dominion. Meanwhile, in the Delta Quadrant, a half-Klingon/half-human rebel joins the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager. . .


Star Trek: Discovery Collector’s Edition published


The Official Star TrekDiscovery Collector’s Edition is an in-depth look at the new series written by myself (Chris Gardner), Kristin Baver, Ian Spelling and Karen Stoddard-Haynes.

It includes detailed character profiles, most of which I wrote,  and interviews with key cast members, exclusive photographs, and behind-the-scenes facts on the making of Star Trek’s new voyages.

Also featuring guides to the Klingon Empire, again by me, and the United Federation of Planets, an exclusive look at Star TrekDiscovery’s props, costumes, weapons, and concept art, plus a complete Star Trek timeline.

Star Trek Magazine #63 is out

When the original Star Trek series was threatened with cancellation by NBC, it was Bjo Trimble and her husband John that organized the unprecedented letter-writing campaign that saved the show.

The success of that campaign should never be underestimated, as without it Star Trek would be but a dim-and-distant memory.

In the first part of a two-part interview with me (Chris Gardner) in Issue 63 of Star Trek Magazine, Bjo remembers the highs and lows of campaigning to keep Trek on TV. (Pages 48 to 53)


In the world of entertainment, success breeds sequels, and with Star Trek guaranteeing big audiences in both cinemas and on TV with The Next Generation, it was only a matter of time before commissioners came looking for another Trek TV series.

So, it was that Deep Space Nine stepped into the limelight, and with it a myriad of opportunities for make-up supervisor Michael Westmore to create countess new aliens.

Michael remembers Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise in the conclusion of his two-part interview with me on pages 54 to 61.